HR Intel

As an employer/HR manager, are you finding trouble understanding the employee grievances? Do you think getting closer or humorous will make you a weak boss? Are the strategies undertaken for employee retention effective to the desired level?

Understanding employee grievances:
Some employees always appear nagging and complaining. You must keep one thing in mind that only honest employees make complaints. Cheats hide their presence in such matters just to appear good in front of you. An HR manager must be a good listener. Diagnose the situation. Identify the underlying problem. Don’t get messed up in the symptoms. Take actions immediately.

Maintaining cordial relations:
Just for the sake of making firing less hard, you do not need to keep away from associating with employees. It is essential that you maintain your integrity though. It will help you understand the employees and their potential. Employees, on the other hand get motivated and productivity can be multiplied.

Employee retention strategies:
Good employees are the appendages of the organization. In order to retain them, timed pay raise and promotions should be provided along with learning opportunities. Besides various employee awards, delegation of responsibilities and participation in management decision upto some extent can make them feel important in organization.