Career Intel

Are you in dilemma to choose a particular career path?
Are you feeling that your job is not matching your personality or your education??
On the other hand, are you seeking opportunities to grow in the industry you are in???

Whichever stage of career you are in.
Following tips will help you:

Choosing a career:
“Choosing a career is like choosing a wife from among girlfriends. Whichever you choose, you’ll always miss the remaining ones!”
-Bill Clinton

Simply stating your career should match your passion. Of course, monetary issues arise. Do not falter. Pursue career in the field of your passion. Seek advice from seniors. Often you don’t see the horizon or your are not sure where you want to see yourself in 10 years. No problem, until and unless you are sure that you are happy with what you are doing things will sort out themselves. Though ambititious plans are challenging they can turn out frustrating if no complied with.

Matching personality and job:
Psychologists are striving to create a perfect personality job match. One can simply hunch that a creative introvert is likely to become an artist; one who loves machines can be successful as an engineer or one who speaks confidently can make a good HR manager or a politician.
Going to greater depths, your personality can be classified into different personality types for which related jobs are suitable.

Visit websites such as follows and find the career of your match:

Seeking growth opportunities:
If you feel that your current job is not providing you the growth opportunities, talk to your manager considering your pay raise or promotion. Consult your friends and seniors whether your level of skill is worth the pay raise/promotion or not.
Look for growth opportunities in the vacancies and web as well.Career Intel