CV Writing

How to write a successful CV
o What is a C.V.?
o When should a CV be used?
o What information should a CV include?
o What makes a good CV?
o How long should a CV be?
o Tips on presentation
o Fonts
o Different Types of CV
o Targeting your CV
o Emailed CVs and Web CVs
o Media CVs (separate page)
o Academic CVs (separate page)
o Example CVs and Covering Letters (separate page)
o Further Help.

Interview Preparation
o Top 10 Job Interview Tips.
o How to Prepare for an Interview as an Introvert.
o Job Interview Attire.
o Job Interview Questions / Answers.
o Practical Class.

Behavioral Job Interviews
o Top 10 Interview Questions to Ask.
o Job Interview Etiquette.
o Most Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid.