Expert Resume Service
“Create the best first impression with powerful resume!”
Are you confident that your CV is going to create the best first impression and get you shortlisted for the interview?
You need a professional CV to
• catch attention of potential employer
• multiply chance of getting hired
Common error people make while construction a resume is that they just mention career objective, contact details, educational background and work experience i.e. they just complete the framework of a resume. This gives a standard resume but there is no guarantee that such will be effective in terms of results. Something is needed to give resume a professional touch.
Each components of a resume should be goal oriented and carefully written.
At Job World Nepal, we help you create professional resume of develop one for you based on the information provided.

Technical Skills
“Get prepared for you don’t know when opportunities come!”
It is true that you can always learn typing in Nepalese in matter of few weeks. Likewise, you need a couple of weeks only to be acquainted to accounting software. However, if you already possess these skills, your job is going to be a lot easier and your employers are more than willing to hire you.

At Job World Nepal, we arm you with following technical skills:
• Accounting/Tally skills
• Office Secretary

Soft Skills
“Increase your emotional intelligence!”
Are you finding difficulty in co-opting with your family and friends? Alternatively, do you think your colleague has an attitude problem? Though we can expect people to become humble, we can never force them to become so. What we can do is make ourselves emotionally mature and less reactive to triggering situations. For that, you require fundamental soft skills.
At Job World Nepal, we provide training on following soft skills:
• Professionalism
• Emotional Intelligence
• Public Speaking
• Personality Development

Induction Training
“Build your confidence before entering the office!”
Are you sure that there are no areas in your management that needs improvement? Don’t you want to achieve higher results with the same resources i.e. increase your efficiency?
Nobody is perfect or even close to it but that does not restrict us from trying. Come to Job World Nepal and enhance your management skills through following training programs:
• Management Excellency Training
• Nepalese Marketing
• Finance Management