Placement Consulting Service (PCS) for Students
Introduction to the program
Recognizing the gap between formal studies and workplace, Job World Nepal has brought forth Placement Consulting Service for students, with the objective of making the students adept in modern corporate skills before they enter the actual business environment. In five years of operation, we have experienced that the lack of certain skills make it hard for even the best students to survive the business world. Such skills include professional CV preparation, proposal writing, presentation as well as technical skills. In addition to this, organizations always demand experienced candidates. If that is the case then the fresh graduates are never going to get employed literally. Keeping this in view, Placement Consulting Service aims to make students qualified in all the job preparation skills mentioned earlier and make them familiar to the business environment through internship program and finally guarantee their placement through mutual co-ordination. Thus Placement Consulting Service acts as a bridge for students between college and business world, helping the students safely cross the stage where they are asked certificate of experience for their debut jobs.

Implementation of Placement Consulting Service (PCS)
PCS is a successive plan for sustainable employment of students. It is carried out in following phases:
Phase 1: Introduction
This is the first phase of the PCS where both the students and college management are introduced about the program and its objectives. Co-ordial relationship is established among the students, college management and Job World Nepal in order to facilitate the implementation of the program.
Following initiatives are taken in this phase:
o Program introduction and orientation to the college management.
o Program introduction and orientation to the students.
o Interactive presentation on career in the related field and job placement situation in the present market.

Phase 2: Career/Area selection
The second phase is divided into following three sub-phases:

i. Listing of possible career paths and required skill-set:
Here the possible career paths in the concerned field is listed along with job description and the set of required skills.
For example:
List of IT Jobs in Global Context
o Applications Engineer
o Chief Technology Officer
o Chief Information Officer
o Computer and Information Systems Manager
o Database Administrator
o Help Desk Technician
o Information Technology Director
o Information Technology Manager
o Management Information Systems Director
o Network Architect
o Network Engineer
o Network System Administrator
o Security Specialist
o Senior Applications Engineer
o Senior Database Administrator
o Senior Network Architect
o Senior Network Engineer
o Senior Network System Administrator
o Senior Programmer
o Senior Security Specialist
o Senior Support Specialist
o Senior System Administrator
o Senior System Analyst
o Senior System Architect
o Senior System Designer
o Senior Software Engineer
o Senior Web Administrator
o Senior Web Developer
o Software Engineer
o Software Quality Assurance Analyst
o Support Specialist
o System Administrator
o System Designer
o System Analyst
o Systems Software Engineer
o Technical Specialist
o Telecommunications Specialist
o Web Administrator
o Web Developer
o Webmaster

List of IT Jobs in Nepalese context
• Web Development & Designing
• Programmer
• Database Management
• System Integration
• Technical Services
• Software Development
• Desktop Support and Management
• Security Development
• E-commerce
• Networking
• Application Development
• Creative Design
• Machine System Integration
• Web Administrator and many more

Job description of a software developer:
o Reviewing current system
o Presenting ideas for system improvement including cost proposal
o Working closely with analysts, designers and staffs
o Producing detailed specifications and writing the program codes
o Testing the product in controlled and simulated situations before going live
o Preparing training manuals for users
o Maintaining the system once they are installed and running

ii. Group division:
The students are divided into different groups on the basis of their career choices and capacity. Smaller and related groups
are merged for convenience of carrying out the training and development activities in cost effective manner.

iii. Group wise training in global context:
Training and development programs are launched as per the specific need of each group. Such trainings are focused in making the students aware of the international trends and practises. In addition to experts within the organization, we hire experts in the related field as resource person whenever required.

Phase 3: Job preparation skill
In this phase, the students are introduced to basic skills required in the job search. The students are trained in the following

Job preparation skills:
i. Basic Job Preparation Skills:
The following basic job search skills, overlooked by the job searchers, are focused in this section:
• CV writing skills
• Application/Cover letter writing skills
• Interview facing skills etc.

ii. Business setting and corporate culture adaptation skills:
In order to make students easier to adapt to the business environment in future, the students are provided overview on following areas:
o Corporate culture and practice
o Professionalism and work ethics

iii. Report writing and presentation skills:
The bonus skills, required for progressive career but generally overlooked, are mastered in this stage:
• Report writing techniques
• Interactive presentation skills

Phase 4: Industrial/Organizational Visit-Exposure:
The students are accustomed to the actual business environment through following programs:

i. Industrial tour and visit: Industrial tours/visits are conducted to make the students accustomed to actual work
environment. The industrial tours/visits are conducted in two facets via: products and service. Our industrial tour package is divided into two different categories i.e. Product and Service.

ii. Survey research and comparative case studies: The students are provided platform to conduct survey research and case studies on concurrent issues so that they can bring their theoretical knowledge into application.
The students prepare extensive reports and make presentations. They are evaluated on their performances and provided constructive feedbacks.

Phase 5: Placement Co-ordination
Under the coordination of Job World Nepal and sincere efforts of the students to join the particular organization the students are placed in various organization through:
• Recommendation for Internship
• Recommendation for Recruitment/JobPlacement Consulting Service (PCS) for Students